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World Summit Awards


WSA selects and promotes local digital innovation improving society. It is a non-monetary award system with a focus on sustainable knowledge transfer through a worldwide network. Winners benefit not from a one-time financial reward, but a lifelong partnership and integration.

WSA invites all UN member states to nominate their best local digital solutions for the global award.

WSA is a nomination based award system, eligible for all UN member states.

Each country has a national WSA representation – the WSA National Expert. The WSA national experts are carrying out the local pre-selection for WSA, through national contests or national expert panel selection. To participate in WSA, you need to be nominated by a WSA National Expert as the best national digital application in one of the 8 categories.

Each country is eligible to nominate one project/solution per WSA category.

Please note that a country’s local deadline for application may vary from the WSA Global deadline.

Singapore’s Deadline is 30 September 2024

Are you under the age of 26? You may want to also consider to apply for the WSA Young Innovators!


WSA categories reflect the UN WSIS action lines and are updated regularly to meet the development of the UN Goals. For the edition of the WSA 2024 the categories are:

Government-&-Citizen Engagement

services | open data | democratic participation


medical care | sport | lifestyle


knowledge | science | skills


climate | sustainable resources | agriculture


heritage | entertainment | subcultures


mobility | productive work | sustainable living


innovative services | security | finance | marketing


diversity | gender | justice | human right


WSA rules & conditions

WSA looks for digital applications that have a strong impact on society in one of the 8 WSA categories. WSA focuses on content depthstrategic value and local impact of a product.

By submission of a project, producers accept the rules of the WSA contests.

All submitters to WSA have to abide by the rules and regulations mentioned in the UN Declaration on Human Rights. Submissions which encourage war, the exercise of violence, fraud, racism or discrimination will therefore not be accepted and eliminated. Similarly, submissions that violate international copyright provisions will be excluded.

WSA cannot be held liable for accepted submissions and their contents and rights.

The World Summit Award (WSA) highlights digital applications that significantly impact society across eight categories, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All entries will be assessed using the WSA evaluation criteria.

By submitting an application, producers accept the rules of the WSA contests as stated on this page and in the WSA Contest Database.

All WSA applicants must comply with the rules outlined in the UN Declaration on Human Rights. Submissions that promote war, violence, fraud, racism, or discrimination will be immediately disqualified. Additionally, entries that infringe upon international copyright laws will also be disqualified.

WSA is not liable for received submissions, their contents and rights.

Companies, organizations, and individuals from any UN and UNESCO member state are eligible to participate in the WSA.

Only projects nominated by a WSA National Expert can enter the Global competition.

Applicants must register and submit their solution details online through the WSA contest database.

Submitting a solution for evaluation and selection process does not guarantee any benefits to the producer. The decision is final and cannot be legally challenged.

Only fully filled out and submitted applications will be considered complete and considered by the WSA Jury.

Submission is free of charge.

Participation in the WSA Young Innovators award is open to entrepreneurs, companies, student groups, and project teams with at least one founder and the majority of the team members under the age of 26 (born on or after January 1, 1998). Applicants must be from any UN or UNESCO member state.

Applicants must register and submit their solution details online through the WSA contest database.

Submitting a solution for evaluation and selection process does not guarantee any benefits to the producer. The decision is final and cannot be legally challenged.

Only applications that are fully completed and submitted will be considered by the WSA Jury.

Submission is free of charge.

WSA submissions should include digital content applications that have a significant social impact. Eligible submissions include apps, websites, wearable applications, kiosk installations, SMS-based products, mobile games, and interactive mobile productions. While devices and hardware solutions are acceptable, they must be fully operational. Applicants are expected to provide impact measurement, including their methodology. There are no restrictions on the platforms or channels used by the solutions.

Only launched solutions are eligible for submission. Drafts, prototypes, demonstrations, or incomplete solutions will not be accepted. Each solution must be a functional product and show evidence of local impact.

Products older than three years at the time of nomination must include updates or new features to qualify.

A solution may only be entered in one category. Organizations, companies, and teams making multiple submissions must register each solution separately. Solutions previously nominated for the WSA cannot be resubmitted unless they have undergone significant changes, enhancements, or expansions.

By submitting an application to the WSA, producers grant the WSA office the right to use submitted videos, pictures, and other content for non-commercial purposes. These materials may be used to promote the nominated product in print, broadcast media, other media forms, and at events.

The producer must hold the copyright for all images, sounds, and other content associated with their solution. Additionally, all software used must be properly licensed.

WSA has the right to share promotional material and information about the submitted projects with potential investors and sponsoring partners.

Submissions can be in any of the United Nations official languages. However, all details about the producer and the project in the WSA database must be in English. English is the official language of the WSA and must be used for all official communications.

Submissions that are incomplete or do not adhere to WSA guidelines will be removed from the selection process without notification. No legal challenges can be made against disqualification decisions. The WSA organizers reserve the right to reject any submission without further explanation or notice.

A solution that malfunctions during the jury evaluation may be disqualified. Applicants are responsible for ensuring their solutions function properly throughout the evaluation process.

Additional reasons for withdrawal include: lack of ownership of creative rights, copyright infringement, providing false registration information, or failing to comply with the contest guidelines.

The jury reserves the right to switch a submission to a different category if they find it better fitting for the particular solution. Any change in category is determined by the jury.

Winners in each category (40 in total) will be chosen through the jury process, as detailed on the WSA website. The jury’s decision is final and cannot be legally challenged.


The WSA is a non-monetary award system with a focus on sustainable knowledge transfer through a worldwide network. This means that winners benefit not from a one time financial reward, but a lifelong partnership and integration – Network Capital.

By participating in the World Summit Awards, nominated teams and social entrepreneurs  gain recognition for their outstanding achievements and become part of a global learning community of exceptional innovators. Connect4Impact with like-minded individuals, access mentorship opportunities, and foster collaborations that can amplify the impact of creative digital solutions.

Winners of the WSA Benefits

 Invitation to the WSA Global Congress including:

Pitching seminars

Pitching session in front of an international audience during the Congress

A program of specially crafted workshops for the winners

Invitation to the prestigious award ceremony

Board and lodging for the duration of the Congress (only on-site events)

Eye to eye exchange with speakers, jurors and international guests

Integration into a network of internationally recognized digital content developers

Access to the WSA community of global experts and industry leaders in 182 countries

Interaction with world-renowned sponsors and partners of the WSA community

Workshops specially shaped for the winners’ needs

Special placement on WSA website, youtube channel and social media promotion

Long-term coverage within WSA editorial channels

Presentation of the winning solutions in the WSA Catalogue (print publication)

Winners certificate

Nominees’ Benefits

A nomination for the WSA is already a win – these are the rewards

More coverage of your product. WSA provides nominees with press templates to help them to gain the attention of national media with support of the WSA national experts

WSA nominee seal to use on websites, social media channels and publications

Opportunity to receive feedback from the jurors.

Being nominated for the WSA means to be the best in the respective country in one of our 8 categories. Experience has shown that this qualification can immensely improve outreach.

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